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Puppy Kong Teething Stick


  • An enticing teething aid and chew toy for growing puppies
  • Made with soft yet durable KONG puppy rubber
  • Designed to soothe sore teeth and gums, easing aches and aiding the teething process
  • Helps to teach appropriate chewing behaviour while offering mental enrichment to satisfy instinctual needs
  • With KONG Denta-Ridges™ helping to keep teeth clean and healthy while providing an ideal place to stuff tasty KONG treats and snacks, as well as treat pastes and peanut butter
  • An enticing, mentally stimulating toy for all puppies
  • Made with the PUPPY pink/blue rubber formula, providing a gentle and comfortable chewing outlet
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An enticing, mentally challenging, durable chew toy and a staple for puppies all over the world the KONG Teething Stick has been specially developed with KONG’s unique puppy rubber, created with a puppy’s 28 baby teeth in mind to soothe sore teeth and gums, easing aches and aiding teething.

An age-appropriate, enriching and mentally stimulating natural rubber toy for all puppies the KONG Teething Stick features unique puppy rubber, designed to fulfil instinctual needs to chew while easing aching teeth and gums.  It also helps to promote positive chewing by teaching appropriate chewing behaviour to your pup from a young age.

Developed with patented KONG Denta-Ridges the KONG Teething Stick extends playtime even further, perfect for use with delicious pastes, peanut butter or pates.  Adding even more enjoyment and satisfaction to your pup’s chewing session it turns this functional chew toy into a fun treat-dispensing challenge, enriching and satisfying all pups and rewarding them for positive chewing behaviour.  Made from 100% natural rubber it promotes healthy activity and safe chewing, enriching and satisfying your pup’s natural instincts and urges.

Perfectly shaped for easy holding and carrying the KONG Teething Stick is ideal for all puppies, available in three sizes to suit the needs and bite-size of all breeds. Made with natural rubber it also offers an erratic bounce when launched, perfect for fun-filled games of fetch encouraging active play, healthy activity and essential exercise for a happy, healthy pup.

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