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KONG Wobbler

  • An action packed engaging food dispensing toy
  • Provides essential mental and physical stimulation, engaging your dog in rewarding play
  • With a unique, innovative and entertaining design
  • Made with premium quality materials for a dishwasher safe and long lasting design
  • Promotes the health and happiness of all dogs
  • Keeps your dog occupied, engaged and mentally challenged
  • Promotes healthy activity for both the mind and body!
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural instincts to hunt, chew, play and forage
  • A great alternative to a dog bowl for mealtimes, encouraging healthy exercise and extending mealtimes effectively
  • With the classic KONG toy shape providing unpredictable movement

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An action-packed, mentally stimulating treat and food dispenser for dogs the KONG Wobbler has a unique, enticing and innovative design, perfect for all dogs to keep them occupied, engaged and mentally stimulated with rewarding play.

Designed with a dog’s natural instincts and urges in mind to fulfil their desires to chew, play and hunt the KONG Wobbler is made with premium quality materials ensuring a highly durable design for long lasting, on-going play.  It features the classic KONG toy shape providing unpredictable movement and entertaining wobbling action, sparking your dog’s curiosity engaging them over time and providing plenty of mental and physical stimulation, as well as healthy activity.

Developed to be filled with tasty treats, snacks or food to encourage and engage your dog in play the KONG wobbler provides a daily dose of essential mental stimulation, keeping your dog healthy and happy.  It encourages your dog to work for their food, a completely natural instinct that they really do enjoy! It is ideal for both treats and food, providing an ideal way to slow down your dog’s eating, help manage weight and prevent potential health problems such as Bloat often caused from fast consumption of meals.

Stimulating natural instincts to keep even the most seasoned users challenged the KONG Wobbler sits upright until nudged by your dog’s paw or nose, dispensing tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. It’s great for keeping your dog moving whilst making them work for food to keep them mentally challenged and physically active, with a dishwasher safe design that is easy to clean and refill – simply unscrew to fill!

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