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KONG Lock It Treat Dispenser


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An enticing, mentally challenging treat puzzle for all dogs the KONG Lock It Treat Dispenser keeps your dog playing and engaged while they eat, providing variety in play and a satisfying foraging challenge all dogs love.

Made with premium quality natural rubber for a long-lasting, ultra-durable design the KONG Lock It Treat Dispenser provides a varied challenge for dogs, while rewarding them with tasty treats or kibble along the way.  Simply fill the pods with your dog’s favourite snacks and lock the pieces together with a simple twist.  To vary the challenge, connect or add multiple pods together for added fun!

Designed with your dog’s natural foraging instincts in mind to provide a mentally challenging puzzle and fun, foraging game the KONG Lock It Treat Dispenser satisfies and enriches your dog, with its design providing an ideal food bowl alternative to ensure mental engagement.  It also helps to slow down feeding helping to prevent bloat and manage weight.

Extending playtimes and providing essential canine enrichment and stimulation the KONG Lock It is available in two sizes, suited to dogs of all breeds. Each small pod holds up to 1/4 cup of treats, with each large pod holding up to 1.2 cup treats for a rewarding and engaging game every day.  The grooved rubber exterior also cleans teeth and gums during play promoting the health and wellbeing of your dog in a variety of different ways.


Available in two sizes:

  • Small – 3pc kit for dogs up to 9kg
  • Large – 2pc kit for dogs 18kg +
Additional Information

Large (2 Pieces), Small (3 Pieces)

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