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About Dog Days

A little about us:


At Dog Days daycare and shop we believe that every dog deserves its day! We understand that pets are part of the family and we treat your fur child like one of our own. We provide them with a safe place to socialise, learn and exercise with the highest level of quality care. Dog Days is everything that a loving dog parent could want under one woof.


As welll as Dog Days daycare and shop we also have an indoor play park, cafe, training facility and groomers. Our shop sells only the healthiest and most eco friendly dog foods, treats and toys. We have award winning groomers on site offering full grooms and spa treatments. Our small coffee shop provides hot relaxing beverages, perfect for those wet days when a trip to our indoor play park is far more enticing than a miserable, dark walk.


All daycare dogs must complete an application process including an induction day and all indoor play dogs must follow our rules, ensuring that all our dogs are having the best and safest possible time while in our facility.


All of our staff are pet first aid trained, dog are never left without a full time staff member being present, we keep our facility as clean as possible, only using pet-friendly cleaning supplies as well as ensuring that all dogs are up to date on vaccinations and are healthy before entering our facility.


Don’t work near Newtownabbey? Enquire about our Doggy drop off service. At Dog Days we feel that every dog deserves it’s day, and with us it can!

About Dog Days - daycare and shop
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